Adam Brouillette - Double Take

Columbus College of Art and Design alumnus, Adam Brouillette, loves anything gimmicky. He likes graffiti art, pop art and game shows. Bob Barker, in fact, is one of his biggest influences.

“The Price is right is a brilliant show, marketing wise,” Brouillette says. “Just have people guess on everyday items and then they win a car. Then there’s crazy lights and music and flashing. I mean, how could you not want to watch it? It’s what marketing and advertising have become now – how to get people to pay attention to you.”

Brouillette is getting people to pay attention to him with sharp, visually-engaging and simple cartoon-like characters, each one engaged in an activity that brings a kinesis to the stark, colorful canvasses. They are bright and flashy, just so people will pay attention. In each one, it is obvious that Brouillette doesn’t believe “The Hype,” but desperately wants to be a part of it.

“I’ve been working on everything from installation-sized pieces to paintings to smaller paintings,” explains Brouillette, “and I have a whole line of marketed-type stuff, like t-shirts and buttons and stickers. Everything has the characters on it. That’s my thing.”

His thing is cool – commission-a-mural-in-your-two-storey-great-room cool. To check it out for yourself, go to Qten Gallery in Westerville and see his show Meltdown. Or, check out Brouillette’s website ( for everything you need to know.