Lee Reeves - Pimpin’ the Populous

If you’ve heard of Jim Tressel or Bill Clinton, then you should know Lee Reeves, owner of Oxley Clothiers. He’s designed and provided clothes for the famous and layman alike for over 15 years and has recently added a women’s line to his already popular menswear.

Designing and operating a clothing store is about the only job Reeves has ever had. His short resume features only two employers – Walker’s department store and himself. “I had an uncle managing a store in Marietta and I needed a job to pay for college,” Reeves says. “I did it on a whim and fell in love with it.”

His love has blossomed into a successful store and tailoring business backed by service and personal contact. Reeves believes in remembering customers, knowing what they bought and calling them when something they may like comes in. “A place like this is about service and retaining customers,” says Reeves. “You won’t get that in a mall or department store,”

Oxley Clothiers is a Mecca for thirty to fifty-something men looking for dapper duds, or hand-painted ties from artists at the Chicago Art Institute. Reeves himself designs many of the ties he sells, one of which can be spotted on the coaches at most Ohio State sporting events. He has also designed for former presidents. “Bill Clinton called and said, ‘I want the suit your customer was wearing,’” Reeves says. “He faxed me his measurements and I made him a tuxedo.”

Visit Oxley Clothiers for your fashion or tailoring needs at 5425 Bethel Center.