Jerry Johnson - Gatemouth

Jerry Johnson, the director of marketing at South Campus Gateway is far from a businessman, but wouldn’t necessarily call himself an artist. He’s simply a guy who loves what he does. His personable and welcoming attitude, makes a meeting seem like lunch with a friend, whether it is with a billion-dollar corporate mogul or a local purveyor of silk-screened baby-tees.

During his day something new comes up every five minutes. “That’s why I like my job here and marketing so much,” Johnson says. “I never have to do something twice in one day.”

South Campus was once a sketchy part of Ohio State tradition. “Now we’re recreating traditions in a nicer way, with one of the lowest crime rates [in town],” says Johnson. “It’s a cool, secure, clean and safe place to congregate, with lots of choices.”

South Campus surrounds corporate businesses are shops and restaurants with a local, unique, Columbus flavor. “We really like to support and foster the entrepreneur, we’re very open to everyone,” says Johnson.

With movies, shops, food, books, living, and parking all in one, you’d have to be stupid, lost or a Wolverine not to find something to do. No wonder Jerry Johnson loves his job. It's so much fun.