Bruce Harlan - The Buck Stops Here

Ohio State fans, on many levels, define Columbus, Ohio, so much so that the economic climate of each season is greatly dependant upon actual wins and losses. Bruce Harlan, GM of The Buckeye Corner, Columbus’ premier OSU retailer for over 26 years, recognizes the absolute need to listen to customers (in his case fans) to find the answers to remaining ahead of the game.

“We specifically listen to what our customers want and are most happy with,” says Harlan. “Fanship is intimate, good or bad. Our customers aren’t just buying merchandise; they are buying a reflection of themselves, which is why even our male customers make a point to play a part in the buying process.”

Harlan credits Columbus’ history as providing a superb model for retail success. “It is most important to find people that are successful and find out the thing or things they did that made a difference in their success,” explains Harlan. “In Columbus, we get an opportunity to look at what successful retailers do and how they evolve. In 1963, Limited had one store in Kingsdale. It’s nice to see how they kept and grew their operations.”

Win or lose, one thing is clear: getting the best gear to show your OSU allegiance should be easy and fun. Visit The Buckeye Corner’s newly expanded Lane Avenue flagship location or log on to to see what happens when quality, variety and tradition come together.