Bob Juniper - Easy Does It

Though Bob Juniper, owner of Three-C Body Shops, Inc., is notorious for his readiness to see pink in his advertisements when dealing with shifty insurance companies during the collision repair process, it’s his chill demeanor and levelheadedness that are most identifiable when meeting him in person. He’s a cool cat whose business and personality have nothing to hide.

Juniper bought Three-C from his father, who bought it from his brother, who used the company as a front for his bookie business. As the business changed hands from father to son, it became a legitimate full-scale operation with a simple and sound mission: to simplify the collision repair process through empathetic means.

“The key to service is figuring out what customers need slightly ahead of them figuring it out for themselves,” explains Juniper. “With auto repair, the customer is absolutely at the mercy of the repairer. I’ve made sure that Three-C is merciful. A merciful business does repeat business.”

The economy brought Juniper out of retirement a few years ago, and upon returning to the industry, his understanding eyes once again saw room for improvement. “Coming back, I was surprised how little time people had to care for daily issues like car repair,” says Juniper. “My new objective became making collision repair virtually a non-issue. Now, with one visit to our website, we can take care of the entire process from start to finish, and the customer never skips a beat.”

To get the best deal without having to as for it… Wow, why does that sound so good? Oh, yeah, because no one else does it.

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