Carol Buccilla - Portfauxlio

For most homeowners, decorating the walls of their dwelling may only require them to decide between matte, satin or gloss, but Carol Buccilla, an independent decorative artist in Pickerington, is someone who will change how you look at your walls forever.

A Columbus School of Art and Design graduate, Buccilla embarked on her current career path after quitting her 9-5 job in Art Therapy to stay home with her children. “I love that in this role I get to meet interesting people as well as have the freedom to use my creativity,” she says. “I also enjoy going into homes and even with subtle techniques, transform the space and make it feel complete.”

While 75 percent of her business is faux-finish work, including texturizing, Venetian plaster, stencils and embossing, it’s her murals that seem to gain the most attention. Her designs have varied in design and scale from a three-dimensional locker filled with an array of sports equipment on a children’s room wall to a 25-foot wall displaying Italian stone arches overlooking a vineyard. Her work was also featured in four Parade of Home events in recent years.

“I try to use the Trompe l’Oeil technique in my work, which is French for ‘fool the eye’.” says Buccilla. “Therefore, one of the best compliments is when someone sees my work and remarks how real or lifelike it looks.”

For those seriously interested in starting their own art project, contact Carol at 614-332-9935.