Dennis Blankemeyer - Table It

Originally from Northwestern Ohio, Dennis Blankemeyer has always had a love for drawing and an ambitious work ethic. He graduated with a degree in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati and began his career in Columbus as an architect. Dissatisfied with designing buildings and wanting to venture into something new, Blankemeyer, along with his childhood sweetheart turned wife, opened American Furnishings, one of Columbus’ finest furniture stores, in 1996.

“I don’t miss designing buildings, because now I am able to bring joy to people by helping furnish their homes,” says Blankemeyer. “My wife has a great eye. Together we look for pieces that have a natural component and create a décor that is more in touch with nature, rather than technologically oriented.”

Having upgraded American Furnishings to larger spaces twice already, Blankemeyer says that the success of his business comes from having a staff of people who love what they do and understand design, as well as the needs of their clients.

His love for Midwestern aesthetics and hand-crafted furniture is what propels him to provide furnishings that create life-long memories for his clients. He also concentrates on designing items that function equally as well in a New York City loft or a family home in New Albany.

“My wife and I created a vision and we have always been pulling in the same direction, working toward the same goals and now leading our team to do the same.”

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