Scott Shepherd - Da Bomb

If you find a suspicious package in the lobby of your building or surplus WWII mortars in Grandpa’s basement, who would you call? The answer is Scott Shepherd, firefighter and member of the Bomb Squad.

Shepherd has been a member of the Columbus Fire Department for 20 years, and of those years, he’s spent 14 of them working on the Bomb Squad. In addition to being trained in fire prevention and explosives, he is also skilled in diving and HazMat procedures. “I have a lot of irons in the fire,” he says with a smile.

Shepherd is a muscular, yet soft spoken, All-American man’s man who speaks of his job humbly, but with authority. You can tell he is a take-charge kind of guy, but is quick to admit that he always has to be on his game. “You never know what you’re walking into,” he says. “Every situation is different, and it’s never like what you see on TV: cut the red wire or blue wire.”

We, the public, see him and the rest of his team as heroes working for the common good. When he hears that expressed, Shepherd is once again humble in his reply. “As far as being heroes, we all love the job,” he says. “We’re doing it because we love it and love to help people out. It’s an amazing job that I’m very lucky to have.” The city of Columbus is lucky, too.