Cyndie Hill - Evenly Distributed

Cyndie Hill’s grandfather, Charlie, started Hill Distributing in 1933, before the ink was even dry on FDR’s repeal of prohibition. It has since grown to become the area’s source for most of what we think of when we think of imported beer. She’s the third generation owner and intends to keep the family tradition of growing and strengthening the business alive for generations to come. Right now, Central Ohio beer drinkers have her family business to thank for such malty essentials as Bass, Rolling Rock, Corona, Guinness and Heineken, while girlfriends and metrosexuals can thank Hill for their Smirnov Ice.

When Hill was about 11 years old, she started helping out with cleaning, copying and whatever other odd jobs an 11-year-old could do. She first started in the business, full-time, when she was 17, filling out orders and keeping paperwork in order.

“I started at 5 o’clock at night, and if the printing system and technology didn’t go accordingly, I was still here at 5 o’clock in the morning,” she says of her young experiences that likely helped to nurture her current work ethic.

“I’m the first person in my family who has ever gotten a college degree, so it was a big deal for my grandfather to get to see one of his grandchildren graduate,” Hill reflects, with a blend of pride and nostalgia. It’s her obvious sense of family loyalty, sound work ethic and her carefully cultivated business acumen that will undoubtedly help Cyndie Hill captain her ship through a sea of male-dominated competitors to the bigger and better things that she always sees the future holding.