Geoff Schmidt - Packing in Tradition

Geoff Schmidt is not only a Columbus native; he’s a member of one of this town’s most famous families. If you’re from Columbus, you’ve surely heard of Schmidt’s, a landmark and national registered historic sight. Opened as a Meat Packing House in 1886 by Schmidt’s great-grandfather, J. Fred Schmidt, Schmidt's soon became Central Ohio's most well-known name in meats. Their products are still sold in grocery stores nationwide.

Today, Schmidt’s is also a restaurant and hospitality company, located at 240 East Kossuth Street, run by Schmidt and his siblings, all from the fourth generation of the Schmidt family. “I began working at the restaurant in Junior High, starting at the bottom and working my way to the top,” he remembers fondly. “Schmidt’s was my first job and will be my last.”

From dishwasher to the man in charge, Schmidt knows what he loves best about his job. “I’ve always enjoyed people, I may work in the same building each day, but since we have also become a tourist destination in Columbus, every day brings new people and a different experience.”

Schmidt also explains the importance of German Village to his business, “We’re proud to be part of a community that has grown so much from private individuals. The people here care about this neighborhood, and so do we.” Married with four children, Schmidt looks forward to seeing his children continuing the family tradition. “The fifth generation is just now graduating college so there will be plenty of Schmidt’s for plenty of years to come.”