Nicholas Stefanec & Scott Harper - Franchise Players

Nothing is more frustrating than going to your favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant, craving their to-die-for burger, only to find that there is a line to wait at the bar. The solution: Franchising Unlimited.

Nicholas Stefanec and Scott Harper are not only Ohio State University graduates, but the masterminds behind Columbus’ branch of Franchising Unlimited, a 27-year-old company based out of Canfield, Ohio. When the opportunity arose a few months ago to open a division in Columbus, both quit their jobs (as a banker and lawyer respectively) packed their bags and prepared for their coup in Columbus. Now, they find themselves happily working for the Man – the local businessman that is.

“We look for unique businesses to franchise. A restaurant with good quality food and good recipes,” says Harper. “What makes a good franchise? Everything from carpet cleaning services to trendy boutiques.”

Think of them as the dynamic superhero duo of the business world. They bolster the profits of small companies, while creating more of your favorite restaurants or service industry establishments. “We believe in the Columbus community,” says Stefanec. “We’d rather see their advancement than a big national chain.”

For small business owners, collaborating with Franchising Unlimited is akin to an actor hiring an agent—someone to take the company from meager beginnings to affluent ends.

To franchise your business, visit 5890 Sawmill Road, or call (614) 789-0000.