Wags & Elliot - Classic Schlock

The early years of morning show history are kind of spotty, because record keeping wasn’t as advanced back then as it is now, but what little documentation we do have on the nascence of this Midwestern invention is peppered with the name Daddy Wags. Wags has been on the air in the morning in Central Ohio since the age of the bell-bottom.

“I started at Ohio State thinking Pre-Law, then I thought, ‘damn, that’s hard!’” Wags says. “There’s a romance to radio I just always thought would be fun,” he continues. “The more I thought about it, and the worse my grades got, the more it seemed like a likelihood.”

A number of decades later, Wags is still at it, perhaps because he has become such a huge icon in Columbus.

“It’s easy with Wags, because he’s all things Columbus,” Jerry Elliot interjects. “I did stand-up comedy on the road (42 weeks a year) for eleven years, then they put us together and it’s been just great.”

The two of them create the quintessential brand of madcap comedy that American listeners have come to expect during their morning commutes. We are not making the bold assertion that Daddy Wags invented the genre and Jerry Elliot helped him perfect it, but, if we did, no one could prove us wrong.

Tune in to Qfm96 in the mornings to experience what happens to radio when you arm a couple of smart-asses with a live microphone and let them keep the door to the studio open.