Dan Dougan - Stashed Away

In the glory days of the Royal Crescent Mob and Scrawl, Columbus was on the musical map as purveyor of high-energy, original music and Stache’s and Little Brothers was the club everyone wanted to play. It embodied the aesthetic of Rock and Roll, with low ceilings, a cramped stage at one end of a black-walled room, and a green room covered in stickers of the touring bands that had been through on their way to international superstardom. Nirvana, the Chili Peppers, Soul Asylum, Dinosaur Jr., etc. all played at the little venue across the street from the Dube, and Dan Dougan was instrumental in making Stache’s the icon of Midwestern rock that it became.

When the building began to collapse and the city decided it might be better if it weren’t left standing, Dougan moved the operation the Short North and shortened its name to simply Little Brother’s. To this day, it is the place to play in Columbus for artists ranging from the New Basics Brass Band, to She Wants Revenge to Todd Snider to BR549, and Dougan is still at the helm.

“Right now there’s a bazillion places to play [in Columbus] and three billion bands, and that’s good and bad,” Dougan states. “Columbus has a lot of really good bands, but is lacking an audience,” he laments. “It’s like people haven’t started believing.”

Dougan has believed for somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 years, and has devoted himself to providing Columbus with a space for the fulcrum of most significant counter-cultural movements – live performance of original Rock.

Become a believer, too. Check out www.littlebrothers.com to see which shows you’re going to this month.