Daniel Cooper - Pure Chocolatier

Once upon a time, (stories about chocolating should always begin with once upon a time) Daniel Cooper was an ordinary, angst-laden youth with an affinity for fast cars and an apparent aptitude for nothing much at all. Figures and facts gave him no love and he reciprocated. Arts and letters, track and field, Rock ‘n Roll – nothing seemed to move him. But that was before he discovered a passion for the sweetest and most seductive food. When Daniel Cooper discovered chocolate, that’s when it all got good.

“It’s all in the quality of bean,” he says, knowing that of all the available beans in the world, he uses the best. “Some people use oil not cocoa butter, which makes chocolate waxy, instead of shiny and melty like chocolate should be.” A taste of Daniel Cooper’s chocolate makes everyone agree.

Agree they did at the Academy Awards, so much so that they asked Daniel Cooper if he’d put some golden-chocolate statues towards the baskets of gifts for all the celebrities. And as for Daniel Cooper, we’re sure he agrees, that to build a chocolate Oscar for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences isn’t something to be left to the appliances. He’s building by the toil of his own two hands as many chocolate statues as the Academy demands.

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