Amber Stephens & Jennifer Poleon - Kiss and Tell

Date night. It’s something that on most accounts can either fall into the realms of hopeless reruns or it could be, should you be willing, a different adventure every time.

Amber Stephens and Jennifer Poleon hope you’ll choose the latter and use their new book Kissing In Columbus as your guide.

Friends and writing colleagues for over a decade, Poleon and Stephens have spent the past few years researching Kissing In Columbus, but with two very different points of view in mind. “Amber is coming at it as a ‘married-with-two-kids-work-from-home mom,’ and I’m coming at it from the single standpoint,” says Poleon. “Regardless, we still came up with the same ideas.”

With chapter headings like Places to Stimulate The Mind, Great Places to Walk and Hold Hands, and Beyond Dinner and a Movie, their book uncovers the romantic secrets of your favorite places and introduces you to many hidden treasures in the capital city.

The topiary garden at Old Deaf School Park on East Town Street and Washington is one such place (so much so that it was the inspiration for and the cover of the book). “We both knew about [the topiary garden] because we’ve been writing about travel probably for more than a decade, but it still amazes me how many people don’t know about that,” says Poleon. “I mean, how many cities can you actually picnic in the middle of an impressionist painting come to life?”