Jennifer Lopez - Star Struck

It all started, like most people’s curiosity in astrology and the future, in junior high when Jennifer Lopez found Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs and instantly devoured the pages. Having harvested many of the book’s insights, she learned how our astrological signs affect our daily lives and how our zodiac signs make us compatible with other people or professions. Excited about her findings, she started creating astrological charts for friends and giving advice based on the stars. Well, that advice paid off.

Zodiac, the product of Lopez’s love for astrology and astronomy, opened at the Gahanna Creekside this summer and is a testament to the power that she believes our zodiac sign has on us. The walls of the store are lined with the twelve zodiac signs and their characteristics, and the ceiling is painted with the constellations of the accompanying zodiac signs. “I drew a lot of my inspiration for Zodiac from the London Astrology store,” says Lopez. “There aren’t many stores like this in the United States, not even in the bigger cities.”

At Zodiac, Lopez and select guest readers offer a litany of readings, including tarot card, palm and psychic chart, to name a few. Zodiac also conveniently offers Lopez’s favorite books on astrology, as well as custom jewelry and other zodiac related fare for sale.

As can be imagined in these tough economic times, Lopez has noticed more interest in the future. “I get calls from people who want me to do a chart immediately,” she says. “It’s usually for something that they need an answer for now. People want to know what is on the horizon.”

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