Tim Straker - Branding Limits

The kind of modern efficient design introduced to anyone upon walking into Ologie, one of the biggest branding companies in central Ohio, is so inviting it could inspire the most unartistic client to think of their company in a different light. This type of inspiration oozes from the walls at Ologie and helps a group of talented and creative designers rethink brands on a daily basis.

Captaining Ologie’s ship is CEO Tim Straker. A central Ohio native and graduate of Ohio State’s advertising program, Straker has been a part of the branding and marketing world at various large outposts before arriving at Ologie. He’s worked at Longaberger, Abercrombie and Fitch and handled national clients such as Apple and Goodyear. Though Straker oversees operations, he maintains a day-to-day working relationship with many of Ologie’s clients.

“I love working every day with people who appreciate and understand great design,” says Straker. “I’ve always been a sort of frustrated architect. If I would have been better at math in college, I think that’s what I would have done. I understood design and color and texture, which made me gravitate towards design.”

At Ologie, Straker works to define larger brands such as Nationwide, Alliance Data and Netjets, but the work he is often most proud of can be seen in slightly smaller companies like Sferra out of New York or giving back to the Columbus community through the Columbus Museum of Art. Whatever project Straker and Ologie work on, one thing is certain: they like to push for breakthrough design.

“I like being able to work with clients that ask me to sort of push the boundaries,” says Straker. “To me, that is inspiring.”

For more information on Ologie go to www.ologie.com