Nancy Pyon - Assurance Agent

Nancy Pyon is not your ordinary insurance agent. She is the only woman principal agent that Nationwide has in all of Columbus and she is the first Asian-American principal in Central Ohio. Not only that, she is a patron of the arts and a vehement supporter of local art and artists. She’s always displaying exhibits from local artists (currently Babar Ahmad) in her Short North office, which is located on the already-artsy Cap, and, without fail, she participates in local arts functions such as Via Colori and each month’s Gallery Hop, at which one can expect to find some wine, cheese and scintillating coversation.

Fluent in both Spanish and English and of Asian heritage, Pyon is able to communicate with a cross-section of Central Ohio’s populations. “I value the diversity within my personal heritage,” Nancy says, “and embrace the diverse views of my staff…”

A snapshot of her office on any given business day may look more like the cover of a liberal arts college recruitment bulletin than an insurance office: good-looking, ethnically-diverse people in an artsy setting, obviously having a great time.

“We want to make it fun and inviting for people to come in,” she says of her variegated and artfully adorned office. Most surprisingly, given that it is an insurance office, is that she and her colleagues seem to have succeeded at just that.

Pyon, herself, embodies a modicum of diversity, but combined with her staff of eight colleagues, she’s pretty much got all the bases covered.