Stuart Hunter - Stretching the Truth

You gotta dig a guy who puts his money where his mouth is. That guy is Stuart Hunter. Hunter was the Creative Director for the world-renown retail design and branding agency Fitch. Now, he’s the proud owner of Roll:, one of Columbus’ newest and hottest bicycle shops. “I spent more than 15 years consulting and talking; now it’s about doing,” says Hunter. “There’s something crystallizing and energizing about spending your own money. Success and failure are all yours.”

One step into his immaculate and inviting Polaris shop and it becomes very clear that creativity still reigns.

Hunter says the idea behind Roll: is “to put the playing card back into your spokes.” He means that cycling, at any level or in any fashion, is for enjoyment and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

“Retail is failing,” explains Hunter. “It’s stuck in an old model. I don’t want to run a parts store. I want to introduce people to a cycling way of life. I ride so that I can eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts, not to win the Tour de France. I’m a designer and don’t look good in Lycra. I want to look good when I’m riding. I’m looking to change the negative stereotypes that go along with cycling.”

Stop by Roll:, introduce yourself to Hunter and let his truly caring staff take you into the future of cycling. Just ignore the telltale thumping you’ll hear when you walk in; it’s just spandex buried beneath the floorboards.

Roll: is located at 2025 Polaris Parkway (885-7655).