Matt Klos - Forgetting the Rules

Matt Klos is a rising star in the art world. Armed with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from CCAD and an Masters of Fine Arts from The University of Maryland, Klos is a painter with a very unique aesthetic style and visual language all his own.

“Art has always been about precise study and understanding of the visual world and I am very interested in light and the way it exposes or veils color and the way it reveals or conceals a space,” he says. “Painting allows me to get to the heart of the visual world because it is a marriage between a felt response and a calculated formula.”

You have to see Klos’ works up close to see the meticulous and masterful way in which he captures light and its magical effect on surfaces and colors. His goal is to unite images throughout his works by time-tested techniques and a few tricks of his own.

“I guess an analogy of what I am after in painting could be with the game of chess,” Klos says as though he’s already begun to strategize.

“In chess, there is a formula and a set of rules, but the best players are the ones who are so infused with the rules that they seem to forget about them. They see their last move at the same time they take their opening move.”

To use his analogy, Klos is alway thinking many moves ahead in his quest to checkmate the world of art. To see for yourself how strategy and creativity meld together, check out some of his collections on display in the Bank One building and The Vern Riffe Center.