Anthony DuBois - Body of Art

There’s a certain mysticism and excitement when it comes to the art of tattooing. Getting inked is a lifelong commitment, and what you wear defines who you are. Meet body art guru Anthony DuBois, owner and operator of Columbus’ premier tattoo parlor, Stained Skin.

DuBois began tattooing nine years ago and that first drop of ink was the outline for a soon-to-be colorful career. “I knew within the first five minutes of my first tattoo what I wanted to do with the rest of my life,” says DuBois. From there, he began hanging around the tattoo shop daily: drawing, cleaning, watching and learning. Within a few months, he was practicing on himself and his friends.

Eventually, DuBois would end up in Minnesota, where he would hone his skills to their fullest. Fate would bring him back to Columbus and Stained Skin. What makes the Short North parlor so unique is the tattoos and the artists who create them. “Ninety-eight percent of what we do is custom drawings,” says DuBois. “They are handcrafted to each person.” In fact, DuBois warns against simply choosing a random tattoo. “If you’re getting a tattoo, stay away from the drawings on the wall, he says with a laugh. “Work with an artist. Find something that’s just for you, or you’ll regret it.”

If you’re going to have some ink done, get it done right. Check out Anthony DuBois and his colleagues at Stained Skin: