Rodger Pyle - Grandview Master

Few people are able to define their lifelong goals and purpose by the time they are 30. In the case of Rodger Pyle, owner and operator of USA Martial Arts Training Center, located in Grandview Heights, that definition literally came in a dream at the age of six. “I was born to do martial arts,” says Pyle. “I simply saw it in a vision.”

As one of the coaches of the USA National Karate Team, this vision has taken him on a fascinating personal journey, as well as placed him in a position to pass along knowledge and inspiration to the next generation of dreamers. “Each experience has to be better than the last,” explains Pyle. “As I see it, today is good, but tomorrow has got to be better.” This perspective on life may explain how Pyle has helped the National Team fight to secure their highest world standing in history (they placed third in the 2004 World Championships).

Pyle’s martial arts concentration lies heavily in Shotakan Karate and Yoshinkan Aikido. Blending self-defense with positive spiritual and physical awareness, Pyle’s instruction offers individuals of all ages and walks of life an opportunity to take control of their mind, body and soul. “Some people exist,” he says. “Others live each and every day. The difference is finding your passion, pursuing it and not letting obstacles stop you.”

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