T. Bruce Oldendick - Life Pro

PGA Golf Pro and New Albany Links Golf Club General Manager Bruce Oldendick relocated to Ohio in 2004. An eleven-year stretch as the General Manager and Head Golf Professional at Kentucky’s prestigious Sugar Bay Golf Course paved the way to his transfer to New Albany Links. “The mission of New Albany Links Golf Club is to provide a friendly environment and an unbeatable golf and club experience,” says Oldendick. “I look forward to growing professionally here.”

As a father of four, with three of his children being triplets, Oldendick has learned to blend golf with life, so much so that he explains one with the other. “You have your good days and bad. Every day we battle everything from weather to time constraints, family and work,” explains Oldendick. “The conditions in which we live and play dictate how well we can enjoy golf and life. You have to be prepared.”

Oldendick’s approachable persona and refreshing business sense provide a kind breath of inspiring air to a game that so often plays an integral role in so many individuals’ lives, despite its propensity for dealing frustration and failure on a regular basis. “How many things can we do that we get so mad at when trying to relax?” questions Oldendick. Perhaps the answer lies within the game’s close resemblance to life itself.

For more information on the New Albany Links Golf Club or to contact Bruce Oldendick, visit www.newalbanylinks.com