Adam Heller - The Real Deal

All Jerry Maguire references aside, the life of a sports agent isn’t always cups and cakes, nor is it always a dagger fest between cutthroat contract cannibals. The truth is there are plenty of agents who see only dead presidents in their clients’ eyes. Fortunately for athletes and the fans who ultimately pay their ridiculous salaries, there are also agents like Adam Heller who genuinely care about their clients, their clients’ families and fans, and the game these athletes are so fortunate enough to be paid to play.

With an affinity for collective bargaining and an unnatural knowledge of Labor Laws, plus the sound legal backing of BDB Sports & Entertainment, LLC (a subsidiary of Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, L.L.P.), Heller offers his clients the whole enchilada. “I see my client as a small business and I’m their general counsel,” says Heller. “If an athlete makes a wrong decision, it could cost them everything.”

From an athlete’s point of view, this should be relieving. After all, they aren’t paid to micro-manage their lives. They’re paid to play. The better they play, the more they get paid. So what happens when the play clock stops ticking? Again, you gotta have the right agent. “A good agent is like a good insurance policy,” explains Heller. “They also make the right decisions when things aren’t going well. It comes down to long-term representation.”

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