Richard Aschenbrand - Branded

As Dean of Visual Communications for the prestigious Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD), Richard Aschenbrand’s career specialty covers a lot of territory. The teacher of advanced typography and type design, packaging design, portfolio, advertising design, and exhibition design offers an amalgamation of both idea and image in everything he does.

Wonderful serendipity then, that he should have “brand” as part of his last name.

“My education and professional experience as a graphic designer lead me to broaden my focus to all aspects of visual communications,” says Aschenbrand of his career choice. “My interest in communicating effectively, both sending and understanding a message, whether visual or verbal, is an ever-exciting challenge.” In this, the hyper-media age, that challenge continues to increase exponentially in scope and reach.

In addition to his role as an educator, Aschenbrand is also a freelance graphic and package designer, regularly appears as a guest lecturer at area workshops, and often serves as a juror/director at arts festivals and exhibits. Yet, Aschenbrand still feels his most rewarding experiences always center on the accomplishments of his students and what they do with their own careers.

As one of the movers and shakers of the local art world, Aschenbrand optimistically believes this city is constantly moving towards a higher understanding of his world. “The art scene in Columbus continues to grow and it’s encouraging,” he says. “Art brings people together.”