Chad Gummer - Country Sense

Take a minute and add these things together. First, you buy the rights to a medically-engineered, detoxifying energy drink that tastes great and gives you pep. Then, you color the drink blue and brand it with a name like “Hair of the Dog” to attract both young and old consumers. Finally, you start distributing the energy drink through your family’s well-respected, Ohio-based wholesale business (Gummer Wholesale). What does that make? Exactly: a no-brainer.

This isn’t Chad Gummer’s first rodeo. Having worked since he was five years old in the family business, Gummer has seen thousands of products come and go in the convenient store market, some lasting only as long as their first delivery. But, with Hair of the Dog, he knew it would be a success. “I knew this drink would be a hit for 18-24-year-olds,” he says. “But, with it actually being good for you, I saw the potential for Mom and Dad to buy it, too.”

Buy they have. After marketing Hair of the Dog for only two months in Central Ohio, Gummer’s monthly sales are over 5000 cases in Columbus alone. Before long, the Dog will bite Cincinnati and Cleveland as well, causing hoards of people to flock to the stores for a cool blue fix to cure their cravings.

For a guy whose motto is “work hard so you can play hard,” it seems oddly normal that his vehicle of choice is a Hummer detailed to resemble one large can of Hair of the Dog. In Gummer’s case, it all adds up to country sense.

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