Kirsten Bowen - A Gallery Affair

Kirsten Bowen is a woman who wears many hats, each with many feathers. Artist, gallery owner and curator, wife and mother are just some of the roles this dynamic woman plays in Columbus.

Trained in illustration at the city’s prestigious Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD), Bowen graduated in 1989 and eloped the same year with a fellow CCAD illustrator. She and her spouse have lived in Columbus since starting a family, after a brief stint in New York between 1989 and 1993.

Bowen worked for many years as an artist before deciding to open her own gallery in Bexley in 2003. “Although we had a slow start,” she says, “things have been really great recently.” Addressing what it was that made her open her own gallery in an already crowded market, Bowen says she was ready for the business part of fine art. “I like the idea of putting together exhibits and working with the public to make sure they find art to suit their needs and wants,” she muses.

Bowen knows that for some collecting art can be “an addiction.” She uses her gallery and expertise to help fulfill this rather expensive yet incredibly fulfilling obsession for many people. The art she represents varies from the “traditional, gorgeous, and peaceful landscape to the abstract and non-representational.” Regardless of the genre, Bowen says her tastes draw her “to a more expressive, colorful and rich palette.”

As an artist, her own works are constantly evolving. “I’m inspired by everything, she says. “A whole series of paintings are forming in my head every day of the week.”