Todd Santoro - Outta Site

A good web designer can give your company a makeover or facelift. A great web designer (and by great I mean one who exhibits genuine artistic vision as well as a practical sensibility to harness and apply that vision) can put your company’s identity on steroids. Todd Santoro, President and Chief Designer of Todd Santoro Designs, specializes in transferring business identities onto websites, thus bringing their true purpose and personality to life for all the world to see.

Santoro keeps it real because he knows how it is on the other side of the table. “A few years ago I was a stock broker for Morgan Stanley and I decided that my life was becoming robotic and I didn’t have freedom of expression,” he says. “I chose to make a change in order to be happy. Starting my own design company was my deepest calling. I feel like I haven’t worked a day since. I guess that’s what a job you love makes you feel like.”

Having found himself again, Santoro understands the benefits of portraying an honest identity without sacrificing an engaging impression. Whether he’s illuminating a restaurant’s award-winning menu and decadent interior design, or showcasing a business’ eccentric services and staff, the resounding message is always one that marries the mind to the eyes.

“My goal is simple,” says Santoro. “I want to refine your identity and increase your sales and credibility, all through premier graphic presentations.”

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