Jeff Smith - Bone Deep

You’ve seen him and his wife Vijaya strollin’ through German Village, chillin’ at Lindey’s, kickin’ it in the Sho No, wherever. You saw him, but you probably didn’t know—unless someone told you, or you read USA Today’s cover story on him last month—that he’s the cartoon ambassador of Columbus. His name is Jeff Smith and he’s as cool as an e.e. cummings couplet.

Smith has lived in German Village since “78 and has been busy gaining world acclaim with his Bone comics. What’s Bone? “Imagine Bugs Bunny meets Lord of the Rings,” says Smith. The three lead characters are drawn and written with a humorous and intelligent brush that harkens back to Smith’s childhood doodling days and teenage affinity for MAD Magazine. “

For over a decade, Smith developed Bone in nine volumes. Recently, Scholastic picked up the comic and is currently publishing the entire 1300-page story in one glossy print. “We made a point to keep the first volumes in print throughout the production of the full-length volume,” says Smith. “Now that the complete volume is out, we’re sure the older volumes will gain interest again.”

Gain they have. Bone is now translated worldwide into 15 different languages. A comic book… Unbelievable.

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