Eric Schottenstein - Resident of Detail

Just as no two families are the same; likewise, no two homes should be considered the same. So why do so many families settle for cutout, build-by-numbers homes that do little to reflect their eccentric taste, energy and charm? One word tends to surface—fear.

The truth is, buying a home demands balancing the future with the present, and the present with the past, which alone can be scary. And when it’s all said and done, the realtor won’t be shoveling the ice off the sidewalk and the builders won’t be auguring that ball of hell out of the drain. So, it is understandable that homebuyers sometimes lead with their worries. However, thanks to one visionary’s organic approach to homebuilding here in Columbus, families can once again design self-reflecting homes that are both dependable and affordable. Columbus, meet Eric Schottenstein, President of Joshua Homes.

Upon entering the company’s Easton offices, one may feel as thought they have just entered a laboratory or think tank. Joshua is designed to help people generate ideas and to find ways to apply them holistically into one finished extension of themselves. “At Joshua Homes, we let the buyer buy,” says Schottenstein. “For our buyers, we’ve tried to leverage technology by creating 16,492 different purchasing options from which to choose. Families today invest more of their autobiographical history into the design and purchase of their home, especially if it’s their first. In the end, we want them to know the DNA of their home better than we do.”

After nearly three decades of subdivision sameness, it’s nice to feel Schottentein’s concept of community riding the winds of change. For a man who has every reason not to be able to attend his company’s closings, the fact that he’s there for each and every one of them says it all. Dreams are precious; making their fruition affordable is priceless.