Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld - Shakin’ Things Up

If passion could be converted into energy, Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld could power all of Columbus by herself. She has a fervor and lust for life and all things art that is unmatched.

This entire magazine and then some could be filled with Chenfeld’s accomplishments. She’s been involved with education and childhood development for 50 years; she’s the author of several books, including Creative Experiences For Young Children and Teaching In The Key Of Life; she’s been teaching dance at the Jewish Community Center for the past 35 years; and she’s one of original participants and sponsors of Columbus’ version of Woodstock–The Community Festival (Com Fest). The list goes on…

Politics is her other passion. “We’re fiercely Liberals,” Chenfeld says of herself and her husband Howard. “We’re proud to be called Liberals. We worked hard for the Democrats. We think it’s immoral for people to be poor and hungry, for children to be without quality education. And we have a government that calls itself moral and I think that’s B.S.” Her thoughts on the topic of childhood education are equally as fervent. “My biggest passion besides dance, the arts and nature, my biggest mission with my last breath is to advocate education that isn’t killing the kids. I’m a maniac on this issue.” Maniac? No. Passionate? Yes.

Chenfeld’s outlook on everything is always bright and positive. She is this way because she doesn’t just hope things will turn out a certain way; she gets involved and she makes things happen. Mimi Chenfeld is a mover and a shaker. Literally.