Mark Mayes - Fitting in Fitness

After graduating from the Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in physical education and adult fitness, Mark Mayes, owner and operator of Fitness Resources (located at 378 West First Avenue), began to accumulate certifications and merits like libraries do books.

Now, with a hefty 20+ years served in the fitness industry, Hayes’ resume is pretty tight: he’s been recognized by IDEA as a Master Level Fitness Trainer; he is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Council of Exercise, American College of Sports Medicine Enhanced Qualification, and the YMCA; and he’s currently an Advisory Board Member of The Wellness Forum Foundation. Like we said, his resume is tight.

So, how many plates does it take to impress a personal fitness trainer like Mayes? Four if you are eating right. As for the number of metal discs you can stack on the bench bar? Zero, because any plate-head could push some serious weight if they really wanted to. Staying fit, healthy, limber and strong while balancing the mental and emotional demands of an active and rewarding professional lifestyle, now that’s impressive.

“I’m interested in changing the plate-head stereotype that unfortunately follows my profession,” says Mayes. “When I work with a client, no matter their age or profession, I take time to learn their entire lifestyle. I learn their eating habits, their travel arrangements and schedules, their stress levels, their strengths, their weaknesses and their time commitments. I worked in hotels and ran corporate fitness programs. That got me to where I am today, but now I enjoy the exclusivity of owning a single location.”

Clearly, Mayes embodies the old-age truth that hard work always pays off. To schedule an appointment with Mayes, call (614) 286-7883 or visit the Fitness Resources website at