Anne Fletcher & Spencer Budros - Artisan Nuts

When people think of fine dining, they generally think of restaurants. Bakeries, on the other hand, simply do not merit the same refined expectations, save the ones in cities like Paris or New York. Well, now add Columbus to the list.

Spencer Budros and his sister Anne Fletcher recently opened their dream bakery, Pistachio, in the Short North. Neither one really ever wanted to own their own bakery, but when they both returned to Columbus after living in other parts of the country, their unforeseen dream quickly unfolded before their eyes in a generous space located at 680 North Pearl Street. “When we saw this place,” says Budros, “ We knew it was it. Everything made sense after that.”

Chef Budros moved back to Columbus after spending 10+ years as a chef in Arizona. “Columbus has a hundred times more character than Arizona,” he says. “I know this because I see my customers’ faces each time they stop by. I enjoy educating them. They meet the chef each time we go through the case together. Nothing can replace that connection.”

Connect they do, not the dots, but to the curious dessert lover in everyone. “We offer artisan desserts,” says Fletcher. “Much of our business has become retail. People come to us to find desserts for private, intimate gatherings and parties. We are a boutique bakery that gets young or old, hip or traditional people interested in dessert.”

Once you see Pistachio’s showcase, your senses will swirl. Colors dance, textures juxtapose one another and at the forefront of the sensuous scene are undeniably fresh and intelligently married ingredients. “My ingredients are my inspiration,” says Budros. “I have the utmost respect for premier ingredients. I take as much pride in finding them as I do cooking with them. When we say scratch, we mean everything, all the way down to the marmalade.”

Pistachio’s hours are limited; preparing takes time. Their hours are Wednesday – Friday 10am – 6pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm and Tuesday by appointment only (220-9070). Treat yourself today, but be prepared to become an addict.