Joe Persichetti - Italicana Success

Let’s lay one thing out on the table: Joe Persichetti is only 23 years old. At an age when most young men and women are just beginning to dip their toes in the cold, intimidating waters of the business world, Persichetti is already swimming laps. Anchored by a devout Italian family and guided by a strong Catholic upbringing, Persichetti seems to know what is important in life before he’s even lived half his own.

As co-owner of Persichetti’s, one of Pickerington’s hottest new Italian restaurants, Persichetti, along with his sister, mother and brother-in-law, pays homage to his family’s Italian roots through his restaurant. “My father retired from a state job before putting into motion my late grandfather’s dream of opening a family-owned restaurant,” says Persichetti. “I guess I felt it was my responsibility to pick up the torch where my grandfather set it down.”

Persichetti didn’t just pick up the torch; he ran with it. “We’ll be relocating the restaurant late this summer into another larger space where we can upscale the concept,” he says. “We’re gonna stick around Pickerington though, because it’s the only home I’ve ever known. All of my family came here from Italy. I guess I would call Columbus my own little Italy. I love it here.”

So what’s this young cat’s next big step? A clothing line, of course. Really. Persichetti is poised to release a clothing line with the help of his sister, Anna (a senior in high school), in the next year or two. “The concept is based off of my grandfather’s old poker nickname, Two Deuces,” says Persichetti. “He got the name because he always bet on two deuces. His favorites were diamonds and spades.” Unbelievably, many high-end department stores and West Coast boutiques have already picked up their line, so they’ve got good reason to be psyched.

Whether he’s preparing you a plate of authentic Italian fare, or outfitting America in slick, kick-back apparel, Persichetti is one rich slice of Italicana that is a sure bet for success.