Clint Stahler & Jeff Fluegeman - Big Time

Clint Stahler and Jeff Fluegeman have a lot in common. Both are Ohio-born, former residents of Florida and have made their living as aviators. Stahler has flown as an air-ambulance Medevac rescue pilot, primarily in third world conditions on life-saving missions, and Fluegeman was a flight instructor for Comair Airline Training Academy before he was old enough to drink. In 2006, they joined forces to franchise and pilot the South Campus Gateway Max Muscle store, as well as 9 satellite Max Muscle Pro-Shops at every Metro Fitness Gym.

Sharing an affinity and savvy for health, fitness and nutrition makes them ideal proprietors of Columbus’ outpost of the nutrition supplement retailer. Stahler and Fluegeman take pride in familiarizing themselves with the stock and enriching the service they give clients. Muscle Max discerns itself by assessing a customer’s performance needs and tailoring products accordingly. The owners see their roles as to educate, coach and involve. “We are here to promote consistency and overall lifestyle for longevity, but results certainly can be dramatic when hard work, compliance and the right products are applied,” says Stahler. He advocates that what you get out of your purchase should equal the price you pay.

Fluegeman is a walking testament for the virtue of exercise, proper diet and nutrition supplementation. When he was diagnosed at 21 with Crohn’s disease, he rejected traditional medical treatments and set out on a quest for more natural solutions. Going out on a limb has saved Fluegeman, who now has a true set of solutions to share with his clients.

Despite their personal and business immersion in gym culture, these guys offer practical advice for incorporating fitness and diet into all lifestyles.

“Set realistic goals for what you can accomplish, and by making a habit of looking over food labels, your choices will come from second nature.”