Jim Lytle - Luxury for Rent

While driving through downtown Columbus about a year ago, Jim Lytle saw one of the country’s wealthiest CEOs driving himself around in a fancy red sports car enjoying the warm weather. At that moment, an idea began to take off. “I realized that these wealthy guys don’t want to be chauffeured around town in a limo,” says Lytle. “These guys want to get behind the wheel and enjoy themselves.”

After identifying a niche in the market for renting luxury vehicles, Lytle put the wheels in motion to create Grace Fine Motorcars in September to cater to anyone who craves the feeling that Lytle saw on the face of that CEO. His rental fleet of six vehicles featuring top-of-the line Mercedes Benz models, Cadillacs and Smart Cars is one-of-a-kind in the Columbus region.

“If you want to rent a Mercedes in the state of Ohio, we are probably the only place you can get that from,” says Lytle.
A West Virginia transplant who moved to Columbus for a job and never left, Lytle has always had a special interest in cars. He comes from a long line of car enthusiasts and remembers competing with his sister on long road trips in the backseat identifying different car models. He knows there’s enough people like him who want to spend weekends cruising around in a comfortable car that attracts attention.

Since the idea of Grace Fine popped into Lytle’s head he’s always planned to offer more than just car rental. Besides delivering the car to most cities in the state, Grace Fine also offers a concierge service and other small perks.

“We know that a lot of companies just don’t offer the kind of over and above service you could get years ago,” says Lytle. “I’m holding Grace Fine to a higher standard.”

For more information on Grace Fine Motorcars go to www.grace-motorcars.com