Eric Mauk - Racing to Succeed

To someone who doesn’t know the first thing about Indy Car racing, walking into the lobby of Rahal Letterman Racing feels like stepping into a scene from Speed Racer. The lobby is outfitted with trophies and pictures of the legendary owner and current drivers in action. Somewhere within the twists and turns of the flashy modern building in Hilliard, Eric Mauk, Director of Communications for RLR, is sitting behind his desk making sure that the world continues to talk about his team.

“My job is to make sure people are interested in what’s going on here,” says Mauk. “I keep an eye on the chatter every day and make sure the racing world is informed.”

Originally from rural Northeastern Ohio, Mauk moved to Columbus to attend Ohio State University after a stint in the military. Growing up playing baseball and football, like any other kid, Mauk wanted to be the next star quarterback or pitcher. When he realized that wasn’t going to happen, he looked for other avenues to getting into the sports world. He started writing for the Suburban News and covered local sports with an eventual emphasis on the racing world, in which Columbus, at the time, was playing a big part.

“There were two or three racing teams that were centered in Columbus back then,” says Mauk. “Columbus was kind of a hotbed for racing.”

Taking his connections and knowledge of racing with him, Mauk made the rounds writing for multiple racing publications, but wanted to get back to Columbus. When the opportunity struck with Rahal Letterman, Mauk jumped at the chance to work for a legend he grew up watching.

“It’s great to be working here; I mean Bobby Rahal is my boss,” says Mauk. “This job has allowed me to see things that a kid from Ashtabula country can only dream of.”

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