Diane Warren - Delectable

The first time Diane Warren came upon the smells and tastes that can only be experienced at a real deli was while she was on her high school spring break in Florida. While all the other girls her age were out tanning and swimming on the beach, Warren kept finding her way to the closest New York style deli. She left the sunshine state paler than most, but satisfied with her vacation choices.

“I just fell in love with the place,” says Warren. “It was my first experience with how good deli food could really be.”

Years later in 1984, she decided that it was time to bring her vacation experience back home to Columbus and opened Katzinger’s in German Village. Warren had moved back to Columbus to be closer to her family and decided she wanted to open a deli after years of waiting tables.

“My partner and I just kind of fell into the idea of opening a Katzinger’s,” says Warren. “We got our business model together and opened in a little storefront on Third Avenue. We’re still here almost 25 years later.”

Warren’s crusade to introduce people to great deli food has been a great success, making Katzinger’s a place that out-of-towners are sure to visit and that locals covet. The popularity of Warren’s creation can be seen in the one ton of corned beef that Katzinger’s goes through every two months.
Over the years, Warren still sees what she initially found interesting about every local deli she’d been to: a strong sense of community appeal.

“I can look out at my restaurant and see a cross-section of the community,” says Warren. “It’s a place that brings people together and where everybody is equal. It doesn’t matter if you are the average guy or the President of the United States, you have to wait in line like everybody else.”

For more information go to www.katzingers.com