Mike Martin - Rock Artist

Columbus' own master printer and Rock poster artist Mike Martin lives a life we would all love to live, not for its ease or prestige, but for its loyalty to individual happiness. "I've worked and designed with big companies like Nike," says Martin. "I started out doing advertisement artwork when I was in a band back in the day called Bazooka Joe. I got tired of the road and knew I needed to get out and do my own thing. Finally, it was my wife Cari who made me rethink what I was doing and decide where I wanted to go. I went from a shark in a small pond to an ameba in an ocean."

Clearly beaten and sore from a long thirteen-hour night of hand printing hundreds of original silk-screened posters, Mike Martin still sports a devilishly happy smile. "If you've never done this work before," says Martin, "you'll never know it as a labor of love." As the owner and operator of Engine House 13, the company that sells the original poster art he creates all around the world, Martin never stops working. In addition to the commissioned work he does on a regular basis for venues like Promo West, Martin, along with some of his fellow local and national artists, set out to revive the public's understanding and appreciation for the lost art of "Gig Art" (a.k.a. Poster Art). Now that the book The Art of Modern Rock (published by Chronicle Books), which features him and hundreds of other well-known artists and their work, is in every public library in the nation, they've succeeded.

To view and purchase Martin's artwork, check out his website at www.enginehouse13.com. The Art of Modern Rock may be purchased at www.amazon.com and Urban Outfitters.