Ryan Vesler - Down to a Tee

There is always a kid that walks the halls of grade school sporting the T-shirt and shorts combo that would make other kids green with envy. You know the type – the guy who was wearing the Hyper-color T-shirt with the Air Jordan shorts and sometimes rocked a slap bracelet or a Swatch. A bigger, slightly older version of that kid named Ryan Vesler is still walking around, and he is willing to share his secrets and sell you the T-shirt that you always wanted.

“I was always the kid with the fly T-shirt,” says Vesler. “Seriously, you should see some pictures of me from middle school dances.”

In 2007, equipped with a degree in Spanish, Vesler saw an opportunity to start a business when he saw how every college bookstore was still selling the same terrible vinyl-lettered shirts. He knew that he could do better and decided to start his own clothing line, Homage Clothing, to rectify the wrongs of all bad shirts everywhere.
“I combed through old yearbooks and thrift stores for inspiration,” says Vesler. “I love the old school, and I love reminding people of it with the clothes that I design.”

Homage Clothing pays tribute to figures in sports and popular culture with designs that range from a reincarnation of a Kris Kross tour shirt to a shirt touting Bernie Kosar to be the next president. Vesler was able to obtain a license from the Ohio State University to apply his style of T-shirt to multiple OSU designs. Homage has grown since its inception to boutiques across the United States and Japan. Vesler knows what he’s good at, and he plans to continue.

“I may not be able to paint a picture,” says Vesler, “but I know how to turn a blank shirt into a canvas.”

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