Bob Dorfman - Perfect Taste

When you walk into Five Guys Burgers and Fries at Polaris, there isn’t a whole lot of mystery or confusion about where you stand. There are bags of fresh potatoes dotting the dining room, and there’s steam coming up from the grills in the back.  Every menu board is short and sweet, listing burgers, fries and dogs.  Everything is laid out in red and white, straightforward and certain, just like the personality of owner Bob Dorfman.

“We work on the mentality that if you can’t do anything to perfection, then don’t do it,” says Dorfman. “We get people asking us to add items all the time, but we only do what we know we can deliver on.”

Dorfman, a franchiser with Five Guys, spent decades in the food and beverage industry zipping back and forth across the country with Host International. The Maryland native worked his way into the industry from the ground level at a grocery store taking opportunities when they were presented.  It was a path that he hadn’t really planned on from the start, but a couple of years ago it lead him to Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

“It really came from my son,” says Dorfman. “He told me a couple of years ago that I seemed like I was kind of bored and it made me think to look into franchising.”

Five Guys was the obvious choice for Dorfman after he had learned the Virginia-based family of burger makers were finally convinced to expand nationally.  He had familiarity with the concept, the taste and the numerous awards that Five Guys had won.  It was exactly what he was looking for, and Columbus can thank him for delivering the goods.

“We’re going to open around 20 stores in the area,” says Dorfman. “We’re going to be in Grove City, Easton and the South Campus Gateway by the end of this month.”

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