Jack Sands - In the Know

The spirits of a salesman and an entrepreneur have always circulated through the veins of Jack Sands. At twelve, Sands started his first of many business ventures, a driveway sealing business with a catchy name and sales pitch. Captain Jacks’ driveway sealant business was a monumental success in his New Jersey neighborhood and was his first step to many other successful ventures.

“I always enjoy the building up parts of starting a company,” says Sands. “It’s the sticking with it afterwards that I have to work on.”

Always on the lookout for something that could turn into a success story, Sands started V Force, a company that uses call centers and cutting edge customer relations software to retain more customers. The company was such a big success with his client AAA Auto Club that they decided to buy him out and take advantage of his entrepreneurial exuberance in other ways.

“They came to me to try and find something that would be a benefit to AAA and be an exclusive,” says Sands. “So I went out and found the solution in this technology in California.”

And so the sixth business started by Sands became a reality when he came back with the TripTrak, one of the smallest, most sophisticated GPS devices in the world. The tiny GPS unit has many intended uses, but acts mostly in the capacity of a locator on road trips for families in need of direction, or to keep track of children. The TripTrak will be rented by AAA members on a day-to-day basis mostly for trips. The exciting beginnings to the in-box product had been a long time coming for Sands, and the service it provides is a benefit to all who travel or have children.

“Over time, I’ve learned to have a little patience and stick with it, even though I’m always still on the lookout for something new.”

For more information go to www.aaaohio.com