Hayley Savage - Brokering Beauty

While trapped in the cold, corporate office culture for decades, Hayley Savage longingly remembered trips to the Modern Museum of Art and the Guggenheim while growing up in Long Island, NY. She remembered the promise she had made to herself that she would purchase a piece of original art every year. Even though she was very good at what she did, her heart was into something else–art.

“You get to a point in your life where you kind of wonder if this is where you really want to be,” says Savage.  “I saw an opportunity once I moved out to New Albany to do something I loved, so I took it.”

While raising money through an art auction at the Temple Beth Shalom, Savage inadvertently realized that there was a real market for art in the New Albany area when she immediately sold much more of the art than expected.  She realized there was an interest and decided on opening the Hayley Gallery.

“There are a lot of people that come in and admit to me that the last piece of art they purchased was at Target,” says Hayley.  “Then they see this gallery and all the original pieces I have and gain an interest.”

Despite being away from the major strip of galleries in the Short North, the Hayley Gallery has thrived in suburbia and has been voted the “Best Art Gallery” in Columbus. The roster of artists at the gallery is made up of mostly locals, something that Savage hadn’t expected in such numbers. She never hangs anything on her gallery walls that she wouldn’t hang at her own house and is very selective about which art she incorporates.

“I like to get to know the artists and know what they were thinking when they made a piece of art,” says Savage. “I just have a huge appreciation for art and the inspiration for it.”

For more information, go to www.hayleygallery.com