Amber Herron - Here to Stay

The aromas and intrigue of the family kitchen grabbed at Amber Herron’s curiosity from an early age. Her parents knew how to get around a kitchen, which cultivated her enthusiasm for assisting in the family meal. Her family’s travels exposed her to different cultures and foods, peaking her interest even more. These early seeds were all it took for Amber Herron to realize that concocting dishes, and eventually opening her own restaurant, DeepWood, were the only alternatives to a more traditional career path.

“I was very lucky in the fact that I always kind of knew what I wanted to do with my life,” Herron says. “I was always so interested in food and cooking. It was like they chose me.”

After growing up in Connecticut, and never really putting roots down, Herron went to Cornell’s School of Hospitality Administration. She went on to work at many different restaurants in New York City and along the East Coast, learning the ropes of restaurant management. When her family made the move back to Ohio, she decided to follow suit, and when the opportunity arose to open DeepWood, she jumped on it.

“Everything just kind of came together, and I was able to realize my dream,” Herron says. “DeepWood is the kind of place I always wanted to open.”

Deepwood Road in Easton, Conn., is what Herron associates with home, since her family lived there for four years. She always knew she would bring that idea into her restaurant. And that she did with DeepWood: her invitation to Columbus to come into her home for an amazing meal.

“It has kind of come full circle,” Herron says. “I’ve never really felt at home anywhere since Deepwood in Connecticut, until I came to Columbus. The people and feel of this city have really made me feel at home again.”

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