Demetrius Stanley - All Heart

Every football-season Saturday for the last several years, Columbus has been infected by the never-ending smile and equally happy disposition of former Ohio State wide receiver Demetrius Stanley. A commentator for WSYX’s Buckeye Football Fever show, Stanley is known for his flashy suits and realistic opinions on sports that some OSU football fans never want to hear.  

“Sometimes I say something about the team that might get a fan upset because they think I’m rooting against Ohio State,” Stanley says. “I always want to see Ohio State win just as much as they do—I’m just trying to be unbiased and do my job.”

His stake in Ohio State started when his father moved to Columbus so he could coach under Earl Bruce, which led to Stanley spending a lot of his childhood around The Shoe and seeing a lot of scarlet and gray.

“I remember when I was really little seeing this tailback, Keith Byars, practicing.” Stanley says. “His legs looked like two big tree trunks to me—the guy was huge. It was around that time that I realized that I really wanted to play for OSU.”

As a star at Thomas Worthington, Stanley made his dream come true when he decided to go to OSU. By staying in the city that he had called home for most of his life, every home game became even more meaningful—he was playing for OSU and for Columbus.

After stints with the Miami Dolphins, the Canadian Football League and the Arena Football League, injuries made Stanley focus on finding another career outside of football. He found that in personal training and is a principle owner of SNAP fitness in Grandview Heights.

“Growing up here and playing for Ohio State, this city has been very, very good to me,” Stanley says. “I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon.”

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