Celebrity Exclusives

Each month C Magazine brings you an exclusive interview with an Ohio celebrity. If a celebrity came from, went to school in, moved to, is going through or has any business in Ohio, C Magazine will pull them aside to bring you the stories you care about.
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Beyond 270

Yes, they're local, but their sights are set on things beyond the 270 loop. Catch up one the acts that are growing bigger than Columbus can handle.
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AAA Travel

We've teamed up with AAA to bring you our Leisure & Travel section in each issue of C Magazine. Debbie Sproul, Executive Vice President of AAA Ohio Auto Club, is our expert source, bringing you the exclusive tips and info on getting the most out of your travels to destinations near and far.
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Nine for $9

Nothing is more annoying than to have 38 minutes left of your one-hour lunch break and find out that the place you've chosen can't pay its reputation's bill. Well, each month, C brings you 9 places to dine with at least one wickedly yummy dish that could stand as a meal during your lunch hour. And, of course, they are all $9 or less.
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What are Columbus' hardest working business people doing? We got a second out of their busy schedules to get all the details on how they make Columbus the great city it is. No suits required.
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The Fare

If you don't think of fine dining experiences when you think of Columbus, then you need to get out more. Capital Fare brings you the 411 on where you should be eating.
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Final Word

Once a month, C Magazine sits down with a prominent Columbus figure to understand their vibe at 5:01. Tough Business people; candid Q&A
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Ride 23

Ohio's capital has a great network of automotive specialists. Take a moment to read about how auto owners worked colaboratively with transportation experts to make truly memorable works of portable art.
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You see them on the outside everyday. From lofts downtown to mini-mansions in the burbs. Now step inside and view the interior creativity taking place all across the capital city.
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Artful View

Columbus is full of art. If you need help finding it, Artful view is here to help. Filling you in on the city's most important exhibitions, performances and events, you'll find just the thing to fit your fancy.
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